PFC is responding to the challenges of modern farming, we are increasing our range of products at the most cost effective pricing to increase your profitability.


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NEW from JANUARY 2021

7 series automatic applicators for large square balers, 20% + cheaper than the current 600 series

Key New Features of the 7 Series Automatic Applicator

§  20% plus price reduction

§  Single pump means less maintenance

§  New style flow meter with improved reliability

§  Dual solenoids allow for large range of baling rates covered with each tip, and shuts product off to eliminate any dripping

§  Superior sealing Deutch plugs throughout harnesses

§  More reliable baling rate generated from internal star wheel encoder

§  Optional Harvest Tec dedicated monitor

§  Optional tablet monitor – use either Apple or Android approved devices

§  Update applicator settings while in operation

§  Reopen existing job record and add to it

§  Larger tips that prevent plugging at spray shield 

§  Lower up-front cost on complete applicator


Harvest Tec equipment and Preservative through our supplier partners AGCO (Massey Ferguson & Fendt), CNHi (Case IH & New Holland) and Kuhn, and your OEM supplier



PFC Agri Solutions offer all other products direct from PFC at extremely competitive pricing

Customers Tarp  Performer Tarpaulins






 ELKAER HEDGE BUSTING SAW  Hedge Buster Saw Page - Contact PFC Agri Solutions today for prices and products



CZ CONTROLHV TANK APP.  Semi-automatic the CZ range - Contact PFC Agri Solutions today



H2O MOISTURE METER  PFC Agri Solutions Page - Contact PFC Agri Solutions today for prices and products available

 H2O Precision Moisture Meters  -  PFC Agri Solutions LOW COST. Exclusively to PFC for all balers & operated from an iPad, iPhone or Android phone


New Products for 2020 from PFC Agri Solutions

LAMMA Review PFC New Product Range


  • Awemak Cultivation Equipment
  • Performer Tarpaulins
  • Elkaer Hedge Busting Saw
  • H2O Precision Moisture Meters
  • PFC Agri Solutions Applicators


Strength - Reliability - Quality - Extremely Price Competitive





We supply a large amount of complimentary parts for all balers that will enhance the baler operation, from Moisture Meters (Sensors), Automatic Applicators and Traceability, PFC are supply partners with AGCO (Massey Ferguson & Fendt), CNHi (New Holland & Case IH) and Kuhn

Please select a brand from one of PFC's supply partners


  • HayBoss G2
  • Baler's Choice
  • ThirtyPlus
  • ProID
  • CropSaver
  • CropID
  • Harvest Tec
  • Baler's Choice


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